Project Management

We guide our projects from the beginning to the end

Depending on the structure and complexity of a project, we take up the role as a lead project consultant and -contractor in all our operational areas. In any case we can carry the overall project management responsibility for a project, starting from early works until commissioning.

Once the requirements for a successful project are defined, our company can support with the engineering, procurement and construction of the industrial plant. To ensure a sustainable operation of the plant, our services can even include the setting up of an O&M operation for our customers. Our company is managing its own industrial operations and managing supply-chain operations for our customers, on this basis we would like to share our experience.
A key part of project management is  a comprehensive and preventive risk management. A cooperative relationship with our customers, suppliers and funding partners - based on transparency and trust - is essential here. An instrument we use daily in technical and commercial project management is multi-tiered risk management. Apart from the quality and credit assessment of sub-contractors and suppliers, this also comprises a range of internal inspection processes, one of them being contract reviews.